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Princess Miki – Seducing and B-Mailing Boss for a Raise


Princess Miki – Seducing and B-Mailing Boss for a Raise

I received an email sent to all employees at the company regarding “dress code violations,” and it’s blatantly obvious that the email is targeting Me. After all, I’m the only young, beautiful woman at the office who can pull off a short skirt like this. This is the first time I’ve heard of such a rule, because I know that no such rule ever existed.You call Me to your office, as I decide to show up to work in a skirt just as short as usual. Fuck the rules, because I know what this is all about. You’ve been distracted by Me, ever since you hired Me. I know you’re obsessed with Me, and I know this for a fact.Although I appear to be the hot, dumb, inexperienced bimbo at the office, I’m actually quite smart. Playing the role only gets Me further with My manipulation schemes. I hacked into your work computer, only to find a landslide of information I can use against you.It appears to be that one of your most frequently visited pages is My FB profile. And then, I found the real reason behind why you decided to enforce this “dress code” … you’ve been so infatuated with Me that you’ve been contemplating giving Me a raise, only two months into the job. You’re distracted by My body, My beauty, and you’re so tempted to give Me more reasons to stay at this job as long as possible.You’ve been journaling all of the pros and cons of doing such a thing, and I read them all. You know that giving the young, hot new girl a raise would raise eyebrows, and you would be accused of… a lot of things. More cons? You noted that I am a “cold, hard, manipulative bitch.” You got that part right.Worse yet… I found your porn. You’re into being manipulated… you have intense fantasies of being b-mailed. You’re a freak, and very, very stupid for keeping such things on your work computer.I decide that I’ll make it happen, by seducing you with My body, using My skills as the manipulative bitch you know I am.I’m so ready to fuck you over. You can’t help but take your cock out and send the email to HR. This only makes matters worse for you.#Asian Goddess, #Asian Princess, #Boss Fantasy, #Boss/Employee, #Brat Girls, #Employee Fantasy, #Manipulation Fantasy, #Manipulatrix Fantasy, #Pantyhosed Secretary, #Secretary Fetish,


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Date: June 9, 2020

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