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HumiliationPOV – Beg Me To Wallet Fuck You, You Know You Deserve To Be Fucked Over


HumiliationPOV – Beg Me To Wallet Fuck You, You Know You Deserve To Be Fucked Over

You’d be so fucking lucky to have a hot girl like me cash r ape you, wouldn’t you? I mean, I don’t even need your money. But I truly enjoy taking it from you and leaving you with absolutely nothing which is what you deserve. You can buy my pointless items that I definitely don’t need more of, and you can be left with nothing. Wouldn’t that make you so lucky? For someone like me to actually take the time to completely destroy you and take everything from you.I mean like can you imagine how much I’d make someone like you pay to actually see me in person. Imagine once you saw me how easy it would be for me to fuck you over. But, I don’t even have to see you fucking losers in person, because you little pay pigs will pay just to see me online. You’ll never see me in person because, well, you don’t deserve it and I don’t have to see you in person. You’re so fucking pathetic that you’ll blow all of your money just to see me on your screen. How fucking pathetic is that? But I don’t blame you, just look at me. You’re lucky I even let you stare at my hot young body.All I have to do is put on a sexy bikini and I have you begging me to fucking cash r ape you. And I’ll have you thanking me for cash r aping you, isn’t that right? You get so weak and stupid over me in a bikini. You just instantly turn into a loser pay pig the moment you see me. It’s so easy. You instantly want to pay this perfect little bikini body. And I don’t give a fuck about you or your wallet. I love cash r aping losers and you’re just one of my victims.I want to completely wallet r ape you. Do you understand? Of course you do, this is how your brain works, this is why you bought this clip. Because you’re one of those idiots who’s just begging to be cash r aped. And I don’t feel guilty about taking it all because I deserve it and you’re a fucking loser so you deserve to be cash r aped. You deserve for me wallet r ape you when you’re such a weak, horny loser. Just look how weak my hot young body makes you. You’re so fucking mindless and stupid that you don’t even notice how much I’m fucking you over.You just start paying before you even have time to think about it. You’re not thinking, you’re just jerking and paying while I cash r ape you. I’m going to r ape that wallet of yours so hard. You won’t even realize what’s happening to you. And when it’s all over, you’ll thank me for what I’ve done to you. You stupid fuck. You’re going to thank me for cash rap ing you and I’ll do it over and over again because you won’t be able to stop yourself. C’mon loser say, ‘Thank you for cash r aping me, Princess Piper.’ I can make you beg me to cash r ape you and then make you thank me for it lol! Because you’re a loser that deserves to be cash r aped and ripped off and financially fucked over.


File Name : 11___HumiliationPOVBegMeToWalletFuckctions,Format: MPEG-4,File Size : 522 MB,Duration: 00:07:04,Video: AVC, 1920 x 1080, 59.940 FPS, 9989 kb/s,Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 317 kb/s

Date: June 6, 2020

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